Hanging and securing

Minigarden Vertical can be placed on the ground and fixed on the wall with the included screws or with Minigarden Fixers.

It can also be hanged on a wall with Minigarden Wall Support.


The imagination is the limit

Minigarden Vertical modules can be stacked up, placed side by side or back to back.

They can also be used in conjunction with Minigarden Corner in corners or to create 90 degree angles.

2 sets of Minigarden Vertical and 3 sets of Minigarden Corner

8 sets of Minigarden Vertical

A burst of colour

Available in five colours: White, Grey, Black, Green and Terracotta.











Irrigation System

The irrigation system is composed of a micro-tube with an outer diameter of 6.5 mm with drip-feeders incorporated, which is placed inside each module.

It can be connected to a manual sprayer or directly to the main water supply.

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