The importance of using organic fertilizers for plant nutrition in contemporary agriculture and gardening

Currently, many people are using containers such as pots, flower boxes, raised garden beds, window boxes and others to grow fruit-bearing plants, salad and root vegetables and herbs, both in agriculture and urban gardening. Nowadays there are many plant-growing solutions for spaces where there is no soil, such as balconies, terraces and roofs, indoors in homes and offices, or in areas where soils are contaminated. It is good to see that the growing of plants in such spaces is increasingly becoming a reality worldwide; this is the “Urban Green Revolution” in motion. Copenhagen, Denmark As an alternative to traditional soil, potting soil is now making an appearance as a medium in which to grow plants. It is available on the market in increasingly specialised formats in terms of its physical, chemical and organic qualities. This means that, unlike normal soil, we can choose the most appropriate growing medium for the roots of the plants we want to grow, directly influencing their growth, health and even their taste. However, both potting soil and normal soil need care to remain productive. One of the most important steps is fertilising the soil since this ensures plant nutrition. This is where I would like to talk about our latest product, the Minigarden Grow Up Pure Organic 1 L. It is a high-quality concentrated liquid universal plant fertilizer, certified for use in organic farming. Produced from organic farm manure by vermicomposting using red Californian earthworms, this new fertilizer provides a response to the growing demand for 100% natural products. It can be used in wide range of circumstances and is just as suitable as...

Urban Gardening – A Beginners Guide by Samantha Rose Hunt

The Minigarden Kitchen Garden is one of the most preferred Minigarden products by our customers. Every month we receive or we find testimonials from people telling about their experiences with our vertical gardens. This time, we would like to share with you the personal experience of Samantha Rose Hunt and her Kitchen Garden. Samantha is a canadian blogger and a secondhand fashion lover, creator of My Ethical Edit, a blog with tips and tricks about how to live a more ethical and sustainable lifestyle. She decided to install a Kitchen Garden on her balcony in Berlin to have a small oasis. Here’s her honest experience as a beginner urban gardener: “I am no pro gardener, in fact every plant I’ve ever owned has either died or needed serious help. Nonetheless I want to share my urban gardening experience as a beginner. I’ve learned loads so far and think this could benefit those of you who aren’t exactly the greatest plant mamas. They say that gardening is therapeutic and I could not agree more. There’s nothing better than taking care of something and watching it bloom and grow! What is urban gardening? Urban gardening is the process of growing plants of all varieties in an urban space such as on a balcony, patio or yard. This also includes community gardens, green roofs and guerilla gardens (planting in public spaces that don’t belong to specific gardeners like the side of roads for example). Why should you create your own urban garden? There are many health, societal and environmental benefits that come from urban gardening. For one, you are creating a local source of whole foods. If...

In The News: Minigarden Adds Greenery to Your Home

Looking for an easy way to add greenery to your home? Canadian Living recently featured five inspirational indoor gardening ideas, including two great ways to add greenery to your home using Minigarden! Minigarden Corner is the perfect way to add life to empty corners. You can even bring greenery into your home without the hassle of watering! Our Minigarden Basic Tabletop units feature built-in reservoirs water your plants as they need it, which makes our Basic units perfect for black thumbs. Read the full article on Canadian Living. Susan Austin is Sales Director for Minigarden North America. She can be reached at

In The News: Marilyn Denis Shows How a Small Space Can’t Stop You from Gardening

Don’t let a small space stop you from gardening! Marilyn Denis shows you how Minigarden is perfect for those awkward empty spaces – even if you have a brown thumb. Everyone loves a little greenery in their lives (especially after a long, hard winter), but not everyone has the space or time to maintain a beautiful garden, and even fewer people have a green thumb. If that sounds familiar, never fear! You can still inject some greenery into your life. One of Canada’s prominent media personalities, Marilyn Denis, recently shared how Minigarden can transform your tight space into a green masterpiece without tons of effort. Her guest, Canadian Living’s home and garden expert Brett Walther, shows how you can fill in that awkward empty corner in your home with luscious greenery (along with some added air-cleaning benefits!) using Minigarden Corner, or even how brown thumbs can grow fresh herbs year-round in Minigarden Basic. Watch the full video: Looking for more small space gardening ideas? Check out Marilyn’s suggestions. Susan Austin is Sales Director for Minigarden North America. She can be reached at Deca, deca durabolin results pictures Deca 250 recipe Cypionate 250 buy online legally from reputable steroids...

Victory Gardens Reimagined – Vertically!

You don’t need a ton of space to grow your own fresh vegetables! Our recent feature in 5ive For Women shows you why Minigarden is the perfect gardening solution for your small space. During the war years, Americans were encouraged to plant vegetable gardens to ease the demand for food by the military. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, these victory gardens accounted for as much as 40% of all vegetables produced during the war years! Thanks to advances in plant breeding, we can now grow a lot of what victory gardeners grew in their yards in containers. With today’s emphasis on eating local, Minigarden and our friends at 5ive For Women and Chippewa Valley Growers think it’s time to re-imagine the victory garden – vertically! You can’t get any more local than your own backyard, and luckily you don’t even need one of those any more. With Minigarden, you can defeat your small yard, balcony, or terrace by stacking your garden vertically. Plus – no weeding! Vertical gardening is the new victory garden. It’s perfect for apartment or condo-dwellers, or for anyone who simply wants a smaller, easier-to-maintain garden! Read the full article by Dean Carstensen, co-owner of Chippewa Valley Growers, in 5ive For Women. Susan Austin is Sales Director for Minigarden North America. She can be reached at

In The News: Minigarden is a Great Gift for the Homeowner on Your List

Our Canadian fans are likely already familiar with Marilyn Denis, but for all of our American friends, let me introduce you to a Canadian media icon. Marilyn hosts a daily daytime television talk show that features guest lifestyle experts in a variety of fields, including fashion, etiquette, cooking, home décor, and gardening. Canadians love her, and for good reason – she’s awesome. Every year Marilyn hosts a holiday giveaway called the 10 Days Of Giveaways. Monday, December 1, 2014 was the second of Marilyn’s 10 Days of Giveaways, and boy was her audience lucky! Real estate and reno expert Scott McGillivray joined Marilyn to unveil their list of the best home gifts for this holiday season, and of course Minigarden made the list! Every audience member walked away with $1800 worth in handy tools and home décor swag – including their own Minigarden Vertical. Want to see the whole segment? Go watch the video! Looking for some gift-giving inspiration for the homeowner in your family? Check out Marilyn’s Homeowner’s Gift Guide. Susan Austin is Sales Director for Minigarden North America. She can be reached at